The Black Cap: We Salute You

by joeparslow

Cap Back

We are deeply saddened, shocked and angered about the news that The Black Cap, the historic gay bar and club in Camden, has been closed. The bar is a legendary location which has been part of the gay and drag scene in London for over fifty years. Its place in the annals of drag and queer history is unquestionable and its loss to the regular community who attend the venue both day and night will be profound.

This sudden closure, with no announcement, was a decision made by the company that owned the venue in what we can only assume was an attempt to minimise blacklash and public outcry. Our venue has been taken, and now our right to protest its closure is trying to be denied. Faucett Inn: shame on you. You do not deserve the liberty of us going quietly.

We are the regulars, we are the punters, the club goers, those who sit in the beer garden. We are performers, promoters and audience members. We are drinkers and non-drinkers. We are drag queens and drag kings and burlesque dancers and gogo dancers and cabaret performers. DJ’s, photographers, bar staff and security. We are lesbians, gays, straights, men, women, trans*, faggots, dykes, queers and everything in between. We are friends and partners and lovers and people. We are The Black Cap and everything it has stood for and provided a home to.

Over the coming weeks and years the loss of this space will only be felt more profoundly and intimately. Now is a time for mourning. We went with dignity on Sunday night, with our heads held high whilst the band played on as the ship sank. That respect, at the very least, was afforded us. But when the sadness starts to fade, I hope Faucet Inn and the new owners – whoever they may be – are ready for the anger that is heading their way.

For now, Black Cap: we salute you.